Governor can be single operator wallet (or better multisignature wallet) at the start which should upon protocol settling be passed to DAO. Governors DAOs is a jetton-based DAO that makes use of their own governance jetton (GJ).

To protect against the hostile transfer of Governance, such transfers are executed in two steps: first governance needs to declare governance_update_after time (it should be after some period of time) and then Governance can be transferred after that.

Security Policy

Governors generally could be a regular (cold) wallet, multisignature wallet, or DAO.

Deployment Policy

Governor could be deployed in the Basechain.

Governor functions

  1. Responsible for setting set other roles(Sudoer, Halter, Interest Manager) in Pool, Controller, and Minters.

  2. Responsible for setting various parameters (including governance fees) in Pool.

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